A Story of Triumph over Adversity

Being in Corporate America for more than 40 years and having gone through and valiantly surviving a major life-altering health crisis, I came to realize that I needed something more, something fulfilling and nurturing, something that encouraged good health and postive well being.  I needed to reclaim my life and at the same time help others.  

I knew I could help people to feel better.  I sought a calm and giving existence.  I wanted to contribute to the wellness and serenity of others and I intrinsically knew it would involve alternative health choices and techniques.


The Path Chosen

By studying Massage, Pilates and learning about health conscious techniques and alternative healthcare products I have arrived at a place of peace and tranquility and have found a deeper awareness of how vital and beneficial creating total body wellness is to all of us.  I'm fortunate to have come to a place where I can help others achieve optimal health and vitality.