Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage
The most popular form of massage  which is a favorite of first time massage clients.  It features gentle but firm pressure that is applied by using kneading, long strokes, stretching and tapping to relax muscles, release toxins and promote circulation.  Swedish massage is excellent for easing pain, reduce swelling, re-aligning muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons and promoting stress release.  
Active Myofascial Therapy
Active Myofascial Therapy is a manual manipulation and movement therapy where the client participates in their therapy to help alleviate pain, dysfunction and injuries.
AromaTouch™ is a clinical approach to applying therapeutic grade essential oils along the spine and on the bottom of the feet to help balance the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.
Deep Tissue
A firm, deep massage focuses on specific muscle groups using alternate massage strokes to help soften the deeper layers of soft tissue and fascia which works to align the muscles fibers and alleviate chronic pain and increase range of motion and flexibility.
Hot Stone
A massage using smooth Basalt stones, a black volcanic rock which retains heat well.  The weight, heat and energy from the stones allows for deep work to help relax muscles, melt away tension and alleviate stress. 
Sports Massage
Sports massage is geared towards athletes.  It is mostly used to enhance pre-event preparation to promote maximum performance, improve endurance and prevent injuries. The post-event massage helps reduce muscle pain, promote circulation and flexibility, reduces recover time and calms the body.

Massage Services


Integrative Reflexology
A modality that stimulates the reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that correlate to internal organs and can provide profound relaxation and can improve respiration, circulation, sleep patterns, digestion and cognition to name just a few.

Integrative Reflexology